I do believe they’re keeping in touch with each other

Those stans who couldnt believe Yunho mentioned Jae at the press con, this is Kim JaeJoong’s mocking answer to you

Jung Yunho meant of Kim JaeJoong, not anyone else /fml im crying

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"Before, when we were working together Yunho experienced dehydration. Yunho-ya, have you been well? I’ve been well. It’s your first period drama, it must have been hard. Since you’re lacking in time, you must have been doing everything fast, even the CGs, so you must have practiced the action moves pretty well. So please take care of your health, drink lots of water. It’s good to work hard but you should also think about your health."

Jaejoong when the reporter told him that Yunho sent a message about how nice it is to see him work hard.

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Jaejoong believes Yunho will show good acting in "Night Watchman."


JYJ‘s Jaejoong showed his encouragement towards former fellow TVXQ member Yunho for his upcoming drama “The Night Watchman” that will take over time-slot for his drama “Triangle“.

Upon the mention of how Yunho said it is nice to see him work hard, the JYJ member replied with “I…

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From the actors who acted with Yunho, I heard that ‘Yunho works hard in acting’, challenging to historical drama is not easy, and filming in Summer is tough, it’s going to be tiring for him. But I think that he will do well. Fighting Yunho yah”

“I heard from the actors who worked with Yunho that he is always working hard at the filming sites. I believe he will do well this time too. It is tough doing historical drama for the first time, especially it is not easy to move a lot wearing the Korean traditional clothes in summer, taking care of his health and be careful, I hope that he can do well.
“Actually I couldn’t watch the dramas Yunho appeared in as my schedule was busy every time. This time too, JYJ’s world tour is starting soon, I’ll definitely watch it once I have the time. Yunho yah fighting.”

“I heard about it. I also hope that Yunho will do well, it would be great. Although it is same process which every actors have to go through, I’m also like that, Yunho is also like that, if we compare to veteran actors, isn’t this a stage we have to walk now (for acting), if we pass this process, I believe we will show better acting.


140731 - Jaejoong mentions Yunho in his interview.

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June 10, 2007 - BigEast station Episode 11
JS: “If you were a girl, which member would you like to marry?”
YH: This is difficult~
JJ: This is so difficult to answer!
JS: This is so hard~~~~
JJ: This is a bad news, this!
JS: Ahhhhh, it’s a tough question!
JJ:  If it’s me, I will marry Yunho.
JS: Why?
JJ: Because he’s very manly, I know he’ll do his best to protect me.
August 2011 - Jaejoong’s OST for Protect the Boss, I will protect you, was released.
September 2011 - Yunho’s interview
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"Kim Jaejoong, It was nice seeing him work hard"
— Yunho about Jaejoong acting on Triangle (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)
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"I received a lot of questions about this. Truthfully, I haven’t watched “Triangle”. I was overseas most of the time so I didn’t have the chance to watch it in detail. But when I returned to the country, I watched it a bit and I liked seeing how (he) worked hard. I’m thankful that it will make a good impact on Night Watchman as well."

Yunho when asked about Jaejoong’s work in Triangle.

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Yunho at Night Watchman Press Con (5)

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