"It is a very wrong idea that you diss other people just because they are different from you."
— Jaejoong (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)
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"I will try to never let you regret that you like me."
— Yunho  (via back-to-five)
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"And remember. Just how precious and amazing your existence in this world is."
— Jaejoong (Twitter updated)
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reasons to be anti-jaejoong: he can’t even remember his own name

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Anonymous said:
Hello again. I'm sorry for bothering you. I'm that anon. I'm a foreigner staying here in Vietnam. I know this embarrassing but I want to ask for directions. If I come from Bến Thành, what bus should I ride to go to the airport. Please and Thank you.

im so so sorry anon channn

im living in Ha Noi so i really dont know how to tell u the directions >__< i havent been to HCM City for once

have u searched on google yet? there may have been more details or u can ask people around u 

omg i really cant help but i searched on gg and hope this may help TT__TT

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Under the same sky, sharing the same dream. We’re one, eternally.

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Anonymous said:
Hello, About JYJ's concert in Vietnam. Do you have any information about their arrival on the airport etc? thank you.

the concert is on 30th so i think they’ll come to VN on 29th (tomorrow)

sorry idk the exact arriving time but they usually leave Kor in the morning and arrive in VN about 5 hours later.

if u wanna meet them at the airport, try to be there soon as much as possible 

im not very sure at all but hope u can meet them and enjoy the concertttt anon chann

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but the hard times will come and we’ll keep moving on, on without the things we’ve lost but the things we’ve gain we’ll take with us (said we’re moving on and we’ve got nothing to prove to anyone, ‘cause we’ll get through)

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excuse me, but what are you two doing

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Su singing his heart out II 

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someone was trying to fix his hair but hurt his Wide Forehead instead >.<

bonus… the result~

مركز تحميل الصور

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Anonymous said:
Hello dear! Min here. How are you? Hope you're doing well. :)

annyeonggg Min chan
im still fine but a little busy with lessons at schoolll

feel so great to see ur message yayy

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Do you ever just ship two people so hard it literally hurts to think of them with someone else?

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